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Second Conference on GNH and Law

Through this research conference, we aim to initiate the examination of the core characteristics (pillars and domains) of GNH in light of the different legal theories, philosophies and principles. This research project will theoretically examine if the law has either positive or negative effects on GNH or if the law can contribute to the furtherance of the GNH policy. This project requires deploying a range of tripartite interdisciplinary approach to research, such as examination of relationships between development-happiness-law, environment-happiness-law, governancehappiness-law, and other similar themes. The law for the purpose of this project can be general legal theories and principles, constitutional law, environmental law, religious law, customary law, and more.


Sustainable and Equitable Socio-Economic Development & the Law
Environment & the Law
Culture, Religion & the Law
Good Governance & the Law



Eight high profile invited guest speakers and twenty-six selected conference speakers from around the world.



Seats are limited to 150 attendees excluding conference speakers. We will accept 50 foreign and 100 national attendees.